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St. Catherine Church

St Catherine (Agia Ekaterini) is on  Agia Ekaterini square south of Kalokairinou street . It is achurch of Sanaists dating from the 15th century excepting for the door frames of the 17th century. It flourished during the 15th and 76th centuries as a centre of letters and arts where many luminaries of the Cretan renaissance were educated.

Among them were : Kornaros, Chortatzis, Damaskinos, Cyrillos Loukaris, and according to one version Dominicus Theotokopoulos (El Greco) before going to Italy and Spain. During Turkish rule it was converted into a mosque. Today it houses a permanent collection of Byzantine icons. It also contains idols of Christian worship, icons,woodcrafts, murals,documents and church books.In particular it’s worth seeing the six icons of the Cretan agiographer M Damaskinos dated 1582-1591: ” The worshipping of the magi”, “The last supper”, “Don’t touch me”,”Theotokos”, “The first ecumenical council”and “The divine lyturgy”. 
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